10 Ways To Make More Space in Your Home

10 Ways To Make More Space in Your Home

Space is at a premium everywhere these days and if you want to have a roomy abode then, generally, you’re going to have to pay for it through the nose. However, whilst you might not be able to afford a place of penthouse-sized proportions, that doesn’t mean you can’t create more space than you currently have by make the most of the rooms you already live in. Optimizing your current space can give you more room to move, work, think and generally just live – here are 10 ways to make more space in your home.

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  1. Remove unnecessary large pieces of furniture.

Big is not necessarily always better when it comes to interior decorating, especially in a small room. If you want to have statement furniture but you don’t proportionally large sized rooms then stick to one gorgeous piece of statement furniture and keep the rest of your fittings small and unobtrusive.

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  1. De-clutter.

It’s an obvious one this one but having lots of stuff everywhere can make any space feel much smaller. Remove all your collections of thimbles or back issues of the Beano and have lots of clear surfaces that you can keep dust free – your space will immediately feel more spacious.

Ways To Make More Space In Your Home

  1. Use multifunctional furniture.

If you don’t have much room in your pad then filling the space you do have with lots of furniture is going to make it feel even smaller. Smart space users choose multifunctional furniture – think sofa beds and chairs, fold away desks and dining table/desks – to make sure that they don’t end up with a feeling of furniture claustrophobia.

  1. Make the most of wall storage.

Whatever the size of the home you have, storage always seems to be an issue. Just like we seem to spend whatever we earn, when it comes to creating storage space it seems like we can fill any room we have, no matter how large, with boxes, trunks, bags and shelves. If you want to make more space in your home then pick your storage up off the floor and take it vertical. Using wall space will give you much more empty floor space, which will in turn make your rooms feel bigger.

  1. Use designated storage boxes and stick to them.

There is absolutely no point in investing in space saving storage designs if you then leave all your stuff lying around and don’t use them. It’s almost impossible to make more space in your home if you are messy so change the habit of a lifetime and stop and tidy up!

  1. Add an extension or conservatory.

Possibly one of the most involved space-creating solutions but a very effective one nevertheless. Extensions and conservatories don’t have to cost a fortune and there are self-assembly options available on the market for those with the DIY aptitude to do it themselves. By adding an extension or conservatory you’re giving yourself a whole additional room in your home and in the battle for room space that can be a godsend.

  1. Use curtains instead of doors to save space.

It might not seem like a revolutionary space saving idea but using curtains instead of doors will not only open up your home by giving it a feeling of continuity, but mean you can use the space you may have needed for an open door for something else instead.

  1. Simplicity and clean lines.

Bad choices in home decoration are responsible for many abodes feeling small, cramped or claustrophobic. To make sure that yours doesn’t fall into this trap, try and keep a sense of unity to it. Opt for simple designs, matching color schemes and furniture, and uncomplicated pieces that look like they were made to occupy the same room. Try and keep a sense of ‘flow’ to the room, so that the eye can travel smoothly around it, without constant interruption from mismatched colors or furniture.

  1. Light color schemes and mirrors.

These are great tools for making the most of space. Placing a mirror opposite a light source like a window will immediately open up a room and give it a feeling of increased space. Opting for neutral color schemes makes rooms feel large and open, rather than small and cramped, as darker colors like reds and purples can.

  1. Use your attic.

It’s up there and it’s yours so use it! The attic is essentially a whole additional room in the house but one that not many people use, other than somewhere to leave ‘junk’ that they can’t bear to throw away. An attic conversion can be done cheaply and quickly and can give you a huge amount of extra space, whether you want it for a playroom, bedroom, TV room or study.

With these 10 ways to make more space in your home, you don’t have to live in cramped clutter. Clear your surfaces, lighten up your color schemes, or opt for a loft conversation or conservatory and you’ll find your pad feels more spacious in no time.

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