5 Things Every Modern Home Needs

5 Things Every Modern Home Needs

While every homeowner certainly has his or her own unique sense of style, there are a few things that no modern home should be without. Here are a few ideas for you to keep in mind as you create your own modern home oasis:

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  1. Art – Whether you prefer Cézanne or Warhol, Matisse or Rothko, no modern home is complete without a carefully-cultivated collection of art adorning the walls. Even if you don’t have a cool $120 million to drop on an original Edvard Munch, you can still add color and style to your home by putting up prints of some of your favorite works or by finding and supporting local artists who are willing to part with their paintings for less.
  2. Sleek appliances – Turn your kitchen into the center of your home with sleek, modern appliances. Whether you’re cooking for one most nights or you love to host big parties, kitchen appliances that look great and have added functionality like induction elements can help you become a master chef. Look for quality appliances that match the look of the rest of your home.
  3. Plenty of windows – No matter where you live—a condo in downtown New York City or a townhouse on the outskirts of Little Rock—nothing says “modern” like lots of windows. Windows create a sense of space and context that is hard to duplicate any other way. If you’re building or remodeling be sure to ask your contractor about the best placement for windows to take advantage of energy-saving passive solar design. You should also install appropriate window treatments or coverings, whether shutters, drapes, or blinds, to give you privacy when you want it.
  4. The right lighting – If you’re trying to create a modern space, don’t forget about the lights. Consider installing energy-efficient bulbs or LED lights that allow you to control the amount of light output they give off. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting levels. You may want low light during the day when the sun is shining, for instance, or you may want extra lighting in the kitchen.
  5. A strong design aesthetic – This is the most important element of any modern home décor. Often what sets well-designed homes apart is their adherence to a central theme and color palette. Keep your décor simple and elegant and follow your own instincts when it comes to what looks great.

What would be on your list of things that every modern home needs?

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