8 Ways to Build a Green Home

8 Ways to Build a Green Home

8 Ways to Build a Green Home – Today’s world of rising energy costs, sustainable construction practices are a good way to keep those costs low while reducing your environmental impact. Although many homeowners may want to utilize green building practices, the fact is most do not know where to get started. In order to facilitate that process, here are eight environmentally friendly tips to help you build a little greener.

Build A Green Home

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  1. Keep it Small: The most ecofriendly homes do not waste space. It is a good idea to build no more space than needed and optimize the square footage you have. If you need more space as your family grows, try to build additional stories rather than spread out on one level.
  2. Factor in Renewable Energy: Technological advances such as solar panels and other renewable energy solutions present effective solutions to controlling energy costs. With that in mind, it is important to make sure your design incorporates current green technologies and leaves enough flexibility to add new technologies as they are developed.
  3. Recycle: When planning your home, be sure to include recycling and composting space as it reduces your environmental footprint.
  4. Build to Last: Durable homes have a minimal impact on the environment. Rather than building a home cheaply, spending the extra money for quality construction is a good idea. The longer a home’s life, the greener it tends to be.
  5. Choose Renewable Materials: No matter how long you plan to live in a home, it is a solid assumption that you will probably want to remodel at some point. When that point comes, having recyclable building materials will reduce your home’s waste and in turn benefit the environment.
  6. Build Your Home Around the Site: Homes that are designed around the layout of the site require far less earth moving and grading than typical building projects. Coupled with that reduction in labor, your home can be made more energy efficient by embracing natural characteristics of the lot. Building around shade trees or close to hedges can reduce heating and cooling costs as well as give a more natural feel to the area.
  7. Remember the Roof: When it comes to building green, the roof is one of the most important factors in determining the energy efficiency of your home. There are a number of green roofing options available on the market and each should be carefully considered when embarking on an eco-friendly construction project.
  8. Select Wood From a Sustainable Company: Wood is a popular building choice for good reason. As a material, it is relatively affordable and offers a wide variety of design flexibility. From an environmental standpoint, building from wood can be good idea as long as the wood is sourced from sustainable lumber companies.

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