Beautiful Bookcase – Stunning Ways to Showcase Your Books

Beautiful Bookcase – Stunning Ways to Showcase Your Books

There are few things that make a home cosier and more appealing than a nice big collection of books. There’s something soothing and relaxing about a big book collection. In today’s world of gadgets, big screens, and information overload, the sight of a wall full of much-loved (even dog-eared) tomes is a welcome one.

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If your books are confined to a self-assembly, cheap bookcase from a catalogue, then why not add one of these beautiful designs to your next living room makeover?

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Natural Woods

Beautiful Bookcases

Get rid of that boring old MDF bookcase, and replace it with one made of pine, oak, or other natural wood. You could match your bookcase to your internal doors and skirting board, keeping the style of the room, while still adding a nice traditional, homely feel.

Break the Symmetry

Who says book cases have to contain several flat shelves? Buck the trend and opt for a shelving system that covers the entire wall, with compartments of different sizes and shapes.  Mix your books up with magazines, pen holders, and ornaments, and you’ll have something neat and tidy, but interesting to the eye too.

Work With Your Architecture

If you have an open room and a stairwell, take advantage of it – build a bookcase into the stairwell and not only do you gain a little more valuable floor-space, you’ll have a nice talking point too.

Use Space Wisely

If you’re really tight for space, put shelves on your internal doors, and use those as a bookcase too. This only works if you use deep shelves, and have doors that open and close slowly and smoothly, but it can be a great way to claw back a little more space in smaller city apartments.

Designer Style

If your wallet can stretch to it, why not invest in a designer bookshelf? The Ron Arad “Bookworm” curvy bookshelf isn’t the most practical design in the world, but it looks great. If you have books that are more for display than regular reference, this would be a great way to show them off.

For more practical usage, you can pick up hand-carved, curvy but practical bookshelves for reasonable prices on Etsy. They’ll add a nice shabby chic touch to your home, and offer easier access to your books.

Interior designers are using books as decorating tools these days – a selection of classic books is almost as important to the design of a home as the right carpets and internal doors. When you’re putting your books on display, try to put the most interesting, and prettiest, books at eye level. Some appealing hardbacks or attractive old-fashioned books with worn spines are good choices for books to show off. You may also want to show off your 80′s pulp sci-fi, or even put some old comics in display jackets. Books are amazingly versatile things, and if you use your imagination you could theme an entire room around a particular era or genre. Just don’t forget to actually read some of the things from time to time!

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