Debunking The Top 10 Myths Of Interior Design

Debunking The Top 10 Myths Of Interior Design

The plethora of information regarding home renovations and interior design can be easily misinterpreted and often leads to confusions. The diversity of opinions regarding this topic as well as the strong belief that regardless of the trends people should be aware of the common do’s and don’ts on the matter have determined me to write this top 10 debunking guide. Hopefully, it will save you and other homeowners of great effort and expenses.

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  • Renovating by the latest trends

In the vast majority of guides that I’ve seen over the internet, homeowners are usually advised to browse through magazines, specialized sites and visit home interior shows in order to find the style that suits them best. However, taking the time to define your personal preference is mistaken for renovating in regards to the hottest interior designs trends available. In short, some people have a hard time dissociating needs from desires.

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In my opinion, renovating does not necessarily have to mean changing the décor completely, since every room includes essential elements. Therefore, renovating is all about determining the vital elements, making them the focal points and working around them. Don’t forget you’re going to live there.

Myths Of Interior Design

  • The decorating plan should be established as you progress

Let’s admit it: most of us get keen on redecorating the house after we see an adorable coffee table, a lamp or even a cute area rug. However, the biggest mistake you could make is to purchase a piece of furniture and then ask yourself about how it will go with the painting and overall theme of a room. If you are going to get the accessories and furniture without having a clear renovating plan established beforehand, trust me, the result will be a highly expensive mess.

  • Furnishing should always match paint colors

You can purchase furniture to match the colors of your walls if you want the room to look very dull and boring. A further reason why this practice is wrong resides in the fact that no element – even that $10,000 beige leather sofa – will not stand out in the crowd or impress anyone for that matter.

  • You need to complete everything at once

I’m sure that you don’t like your house full of dust and debris resulted from renovations. However, that does not mean you should do everything at once. A far better approach is to start decoration room by room, establish a budget for the project and basically, get things done properly.

  • Choosing cheap furnishing and finishing the decoration project

The same imperious need to get things done fast and without too much hassle may tempt you to go for very cheap renovation materials and furniture. Never give into this temptation, as it will cost you more in the long run. Very cheap materials are not durable and usually entail low quality. I’m sure you don’t want to renovate your home each spring or summer.

  • Trendy accessories are not allowed

Just because you saw this futuristic, vogue lamp in a movie and all your friends are talking about it that does not mean you should buy it. Similar to clothing, the home renovation industry presents pret-a-porter and haut-couture elements.

  • Renovations imply adding many new accents and pieces of furniture

Don’t be a hoarder! Adding many new pieces of furniture, accessories and accents in a room will just create a claustrophobic and clutter-room impression to anyone who enters, including you. Stick to a single focal point – sometimes 2 are allowed – and keep the décor arranged and following your favorite theme.

  • The ceiling is not important

Imagine entering a living room with an interesting, modern red-black theme and a white ceiling: What is the first thing you will notice? Exactly, the white ceiling. Therefore, don’t forget to include it in your renovation plan.

  • Area rugs can only be placed in limited spaces

The rugs, carpets or other flooring types should be selected according to the theme and décor of the room. Simply placing a small area rug under a table in a large room will give the impression of skimping.

  • Anything goes

While not denying the fact that home renovations can be totally open to the taste and interpretations of the owner, there is still a limit to account for. Consequentially, if the thought of renovating has crossed your mind, try to determine an overall theme for the house and don’t forget that the room needs to maintain a certain functionality.

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