Exterior Carpentry for Countryside House

Exterior Carpentry for Countryside House

Exterior Carpentry for Countryside House – Countryside is a good place for living. It has beautiful scenery, fresh air, and wide is for you to do anything you want. Although to get some goods, you have to go to the town. Because of those factors, few people choose to live in the countryside than to live in the town. The people in the countryside build their house commonly using the goods from nature. Frequency, the countryside people using wood as their main house material. The people there apart from just making a house, they are also thinking about the exterior carpentry that important to makes the house looks gorgeous. Luckily, we want to give you some information about this.

Exterior Carpentry For Countryside House Oak

Exterior Carpentry For Countryside House Plain

In the countryside, the environment is still natural, so you do not have to be shocked when you find dangerous animal still roaming there. To prevent that, countryside people build their house with slightly higher than the ground. Because the house is higher, the exterior carpentry also becomes higher. This exterior carpentry is consisting with the nice shape of wood. The wood is shaped with the same size of rectangle and will be install nicely in a row. The wood will not be made in big rectangle, instead a little rectangle shape but with numbers of lots. It is for the floor and ceiling of the exterior. The fence of the exterior will also made to be rectangle, but it will be made with thicker size.


Exterior Carpentry For Countryside House Sliding

The height of the fence usually only the stomach of a grown man. The fence apart as the protection of your house, it is also can be used when you want to stand there and enjoy the scenery of countryside. Or you can make one or two wood chair and put the chair there. The stairs consist by few wider and thicker rectangle shape of wood that installed with the position that decreases. One thing that makes the exterior carpentry amazing is because you can see the wood fiber straightly. The wood fiber has always different and unique shape. But for those who do not like the wood fiber, you can paint the exterior with the different color. The paint can protect the wood to last longer and not easy to rotten.

Exterior Carpentry For Countryside House Traditional

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