Simple Retro Home Decorating Tips

Simple Retro Home Decorating Tips

Simple Retro Home Decorating Tips – A great way to be fashion forward in your home interior decor is to look to the past for inspiration. Going retro is now hotter than ever. Here are some simple tips to help you achieve a vintage look with little effort or expense.

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In the Bedroom

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Nothing says old-school glam quite as well as a quilted headboard. You can find upholstered headboards at major online retailers or Amazon starting at around $200. Adding in a shag throw rug or a pair of luctie or mirrored bedside tables will help accent the vibe. A cool wall mural of downtown Miami or other pastel scene gives a great focal point and helps complete the room.

Simple Retro Home Decorating

In the Kitchen

Black and white checkered floors were the standard in kitchens of yesteryear. You can pay homage to the past with the checkers but switch out the black with a modern color that fits your style, say cobalt blue or chocolate brown. Linoleum floors are vintage looking and eco-friendly too (they are biodegradable), making them very appealing for the modern home owner.

Complement the retro floor by displaying pastel colored appliances such as a toaster, blender, or bread box.

In the Bathroom

You can give a nod to the Victorian era with a lovely claw foot bathtub. Modern made claw foot tubs are made from easy to lift and install fiberglass, but they look exactly like cherished heirloom porcelain. For a smaller bathroom space, add a splash of bright color with a custom photo mural of a pop art flower or Warholesque image of your pet. Finish out the look with a funky pattered shower curtain from Target.

In the Living Room

Go back in time with an old school land-line phone. You can search for authentic retro telephones on Ebay and really take your living room back to the 60s or 70s. Display the phone like a work of art on its very own table, complete with pad and paper for retrieving messages. Use throw pillows and curtains in great retro colors and patters- think avocado green, polka dots and peace signs- to make a great retro-inspired living room. Stay well within budget by shopping at Ikea or Overstock.

In the Entry Way

Greet your guests right at the front door with an oversized antique mirror in the foyer. Paint the area sea foam green or salmon pink. A rubber tree plant (ficus) evokes old style Hollywood glam. Set out a thrift store candy dish complete with caramels and sourballs. Add vintage style silver sconces for soft lighting to welcome freinds and family alike.

Vintage and retro decorating just feels good. It not only looks fresh and modern but takes us back to a time when life was simpler. So the next time you’re looking for inspiration for a great room design, use these simple home decorating tips to look to the past.

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