Solar LED is Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Solar LED is Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Solar LED is Commercial Outdoor Lighting – For many companies and organizations that choose solar LED lighting, however, the cost savings are often secondary to the benefit of PR engine lights with green energy sources. Because the lights in the air solar outdoor commercial do not use fossil fuels and do not produce CO2 emissions, they provide a clear expression of commitment to environmental protection and national energy security.

Outdoor Commercial String Lighting

Commercial Outdoor String Lighting

Many companies and businesses use solar lighting in the open air to meet the sustainability goals that can be measured by the Infrastructure Institute (ISI) continuous assessment system, which provides a framework to assess the community, the environment, and economic benefits of infrastructure projects. It can also be solar LED lights used to achieve specific objectives of sustainability of the building, to meet corporate social responsibility CSR goals are to earn points under the program Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED.

Led Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Commercial Lighting

Design a sustainable system

Outdoor Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Although there are technical problems to sort out in the consideration of the Commercial outdoor lighting systems in the commercial solar outdoor air, and the design of the system boils down to three considerations:

  • How much light is required?
  • How much of the solar energy can be collected?
  • When there is a need lighting?

With regard to the first question, a lot of companies, organizations and governments, and was surprised to see a clear and sharp, high-quality light bulbs that provide high flow used in solar lighting outdoor applications. In addition, the new LED technology allows for the strengthening of control options, and a significant reduction in leakage and glare, more efficient lighting and distribution. For example, the lighting in the air traditional commercial, outdoor, such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) creates a pattern of light directly under the lighting, while LED can be configured to shed light on, the pattern of a wider flow even more disturbed that creates light in all the way or tracking, allows for maximum spacing pole, which reduces costs.

Regard to the amount of solar energy question is measured in the size of the solar energy potential in the “sun hour equivalent.” An hour and a maximum of one (or 100%) of the sun received by the solar panels rays is equal to one hour of full sun. Despite the fact that the sun is at a particular location may be above the horizon for 14 hours a day, and the number of full sunlight may be as little as six hours a day because of the angle of the sun and the amount lost in the atmospheric radiation. For this reason, and are often LED solar lights for each specific project design. That is all about Commercial outdoor lighting.

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