3 Unique Interior Painting Techniques For Your Home

3 Unique Interior Painting Techniques For Your Home

When you are ready to give your home a fresh new look but you don’t want to spend a great deal of cash, it is time for you to head to the paint shop. Paint is a quick and easy way to rejuvenate your home, and there is so much more open to you than simply putting up another coat of eggshell white. Take a moment to consider these three innovative painting techniques that can make a huge difference to the kind of look that you enjoy in your house or flat.

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Accent Walls
Accent walls have come in and out of style, and currently they are very in. An accent wall is a wall in your home that you have painted differently from the other walls. For example, if you have a free-standing wall in your home, you’ll find that that is a perfect choice for this process. Choose a wall that is to the side or otherwise obscured when you walk in the room to keep the effect subtle. You can leave the other walls white to pick up on the color, or you can paint the three other walls in a paler or more subtle shade of the accent wall. An accent wall is a perfect way to make sure that your home is wonderfully eye-catching.

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Crackle Paint
If you want to make sure that your home has a subtle elegance or even a bold effect, consider crackle paint. Crackle painting is very easy, and the result is cracks of color showing through the main color of your home. Think about the effect of copper cracks running through a plain white wall or even something as striking as black cracks running through a green wall. You need a special crackle paint for the top coat, and you begin simply by painting the wall the color that you wish the cracks to be. Then you apply the crackle paint over it. Within minutes of drying, the crackle paint pulls away, revealing the color underneath.

Unique Interior Painting Techniques

Mediterranean Sponging
If you want a beautiful airy effect for you home, consider using two lovely shades of blue to create a Mediterranean look. Start by painting the wall a very sheer light blue. Allow this base coat to dry. Then find a very gentle greenish blue for the top coat. Use a small paintbrush to dab a small amount of greenish blue paint onto a sponge and then gently wipe this sponge on the wall. This creates a wonderfully natural set of swirls and variations on the wall, one that is reminiscent of both the sky and the sea. If you are invested in making sure that your home is open and bright, these pale shades of blue are perfect for your purposes.

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