5 Ideas to Spruce up Your Home for the Summer

5 Ideas to Spruce up Your Home for the Summer

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are upon us. It’s time to climb up into the attic to fetch the seasonal decorations. You’ll probably be entertaining quite a few guests at barbecues, parties and summer luaus during the next few months.

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Here are five tips that will awe your guests while adding a summery touch to your decor.

  • Begin your remodeling with a fresh coat of interior paint. Select a conservative color that won’t overwhelm the room. A pastel shade of blue or yellow is just right for summer. Color gives pizzazz and personality to any room. Add some new curtains or drapes to offset the color you chose for your home. New window treatments can tone down or dress up a room to make it seem more extravagant. Pick a small wall, and apply some wallpaper with a bold print to really set it apart from the other walls.
  • Don’t forget the bathroom while you’re renovating your home. It’s a frequently visited part of the house, and its appearance leaves a lasting impression on your guests. Your bathroom can come alive with colorful linens and accessories that complement the rugs and shower curtains. Even a small change like matching the bathroom towel hooks can add a little fun and lightheartedness to your bathroom.You could make handmade bathroom towel hooks from sea shells if you have a home on a beachfront.
  • Visit the local thrift store for some suitably kitschy bric-a-brac. You can find some cute lamps with summery lampshades. Vases or flower pots filled with beautiful flowers and plants can be excellent for setting a colorful mood. Buy some tiki torches or Japanese lanterns for your patio. Nothing says summer like a tiki torch. By shopping at a thrift store, you can find knick-knacks that you’d never find elsewhere, and you won’t break the bank doing it. Art decor pink flamingos are so kitschy that they’ve become chic. Put them all over your lawn. They’re an instant hit. You could also buy a cement statue with flowing water. They don’t cost much, and they’re great conversation starters.
  • Don’t forget fragrances. Scents are a sure way to make your home more pleasant, refreshing and comfortable. Scented candles, incense, diffusers and even linen sprays will contribute to the new feeling of your home. A light touch of vanilla, gardenia, plumeria, jasmine or sandalwood adds an extra dimension to your happy home. Less is more when it comes to fragrances. A dish filled with decorative scented soap balls in the bathroom is enough to keep it fresh and pleasant.
  • Clean your house thoroughly. Shampoo your carpet, wash your throw rugs and strip the wax from your tile and hardwood floors. Wash the slip covers on your furniture and throw pillows. In fact, you might want to buy some new covers in bright colors for the summer. Rearrange the furniture in a couple rooms to make them seem new. Store your bulky stuffed chairs in your basement or garage for the summer. More space will make your rooms seem larger and more inviting.

Make the most of the change of seasons. Summer is a time for your home to be festive, colorful and light-hearted. Your guests will appreciate the changes you make and you will too.

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Although summer’s here, it isn’t too late to finish your spring cleaning!

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